You should know not only keyword or terms in SEO.

Cause, there are many type of keywords which is you should know.

If you are blogger, maybe you familiar with long terms keyword and short terms keyword which is usually you used in your blog.

However, it just able to increase traffic.

So, what the type of keywords in SEO to increase selling conversion?

Here is 6 the type keyword to improve selling conversion

In fact, you can find more the type of that. 6 type here is just the main type.

1. Branded Keywords (Terms)

Branded keyword means the keywords which is you can see there are the name of product.

For example, there is “Sony” in keywords. Querie example: “Buy cheap Sony camera”

This keywords is highest selling conversion keyword.

Cause, this keywords always finding by the fans of their (Sony).

2. Product Keywords (Terms)

Product keywords is keywords which is you can see there are the name of product. You also see the name of brand.

For example, “The Acer Laptop”.

The “Laptop” in this keyword have high selling conversion. Because, this keywords ever appear by the people who want to buy but they don’t know the spesiciation, price, and quality.

3. Competitor Keywords (Terms)

Like it name. Competitor keyword purpose to compare between the goods. Many people search in Google with the queries “Mac vs Windows”, “Xiaomi vs Oppo”, etc.

If you have the better suggest and review. You will get the high selling conversion.

4. Subtitute/Synonim Keywords (Terms)

It means you have to have second keywords which is the synonim of main keywords.

5. Complementary Keywords (Terms)

You want to introduce your latest product to public?

In fact, you can use the product or brand keywords.

However, are you sure they know your latest product name?

Therefore, you can use the subtitute keywords.

Because, the subtitute keywords can introduce your latest product name ny the function or criteria of that.

For example, you can set keyword for the latest product of Laptop using “folding laptop desk”, “dual camera smartphones”, etc.

So, if i search with that queries, i will find your page on first page of Google search engine.

6. Spesific Keywords (Terms)

Spesific keywords is the keywords which is have the name of product model.

You can use the serial number of your product to be winner in the Google search engine.


Any keywords you use, you can improve that with the asking question keywords (example: how is the price of folding laptop table?), update keywords (example: folding laptop table 2018), and symptoms keywords (example: how to use dual camera smartphone?).

Thank you

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