Being a blogger in 2018, we can use smartphone to be a device which can make we share faster than in ancient times.

There are many apps which can make our smartphone be more powerfull to help us completing tasks, from writing, arranging schedules, take a photo, to get information.

Unfortunately, many of them are don’t know what the apps is.

Are you a blogger?

Let me show you that’s app.

1. SwiftKey Keyboard

We know, besides of imagination, and creativity, typo is the problem for a blogger.

Typo make your blog looks not professional and SwiftKey can help you from “typo”.

Either when you write a draft or full article.

Install SwiftKey Keyboard Now

2. Dropbox Paper

Someone feels confuse when they will publish article by smartphone. Because, one of CMS like Blogger and WordPress still hard to use from smartphone.

Therefore, you can use Dropbox Paper Apps to save your article and publish it from Laptop.

You know, there are many apps like Dropbox Paper. Evernote, SimpleNotw, etc.

I feel Dropbox Paper is more elegant than thats.

You able to put your pict or image which is you save in Dropbox.

Install Dropbox Paper Now

3. Snapseed

Why you need Snapseed?

When you get some pict by your smartphone, you can edit it.

You can put some text or set the background and coloe theme.

The great pick which is you use to be thumbnail on your blog will give attraction for readers.

Install Snapseed Now

4. Feedly

What are you doing since being a blogger?

All this time you still use Chrome to get information?

Leave that habit.

If you need more information in the blog or publications, you can use Feedly to collect your source information.

You also able to set your favorite source to always there in timeline.

Maybe, you happy to read SEO topic. Here you can get some source to learn about SEO.

Install Feedly Now

5. Google Analytics

The best app to know the report of your visitors.

Google Analytics help you to know simple way how many your blog visitors per day, per hours, per months.

Incomplete if blogger have no Google Analytics app.

Install Google Analytics Now

6. Hootsuite

Feel strange with the name of this app?

Hootsuite help you to organize all your social media.

How many social media you have?

Are you always post 1 by 1 every you publish the article?

With this app, you can check the statistics for the comment and love by your fans.

Install Hotsuite Now

7. Google Adsense

Who not happy with the feature of this apps?

I always smile if i check my Google Adsense app.

Install Google Adsense Now

In fact, thats apps not only for a blogger. But, if you wanna be pro blogger, you have to install them.

Thank You

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