Here you can find the best tools to find your long terms search keywords to be winner in the Google Search Engine.

Why you have to use long terms search keywords?

Even you have some keywords which is you set be main keyword, maybe “kartu kredit”. You have to find the long terms of “kartu kredit”.

Because, not everyone type “kartu kredit” querie when they in search engine.

Maybe, they want find the services or product of “kartu kredit murah”, and “kartu kredit tanpa agunan”.

One thing again, if you only use that main keyword – “kartu kredit”, you will get the high competition keyword.

keyword high competition

But, if you can use the long terms, you able to win in search engine with the medium competition.

keyword medium competition

Hey! The result of main keyword is greater than the long terms keyword.

You think I lie?

No, dude.

Let me show you how the medium and low competition can increase your traffic website.

keywords graph

This graph is the result of research by my CEO in Kargo.

He tell me, if I can win in the medium and low competition keywords, you can get more traffic than I only use the main keywords.

Where is the tip of the graph?

You can’t predict it.

Because more people prefer to use it.

So, what the tools which is can find your long terms keyword?

Keyword Shitter


Keywordshitter is the free tools to find the long terms search keyword. Just by clicking on the start button, keywordshitter will give you the suggestion of the long terms of your keyword.

The long terms that appear are the keyword that are often used by user on Google Search Engine.

Keyword Tools

keyword tool is is the paid apps that can find the long terms keyword on some search engines.

You have to subscribe this app per month to get full support.


Long terms keywords make you feel so easy to win on search engine.

Then, you can improve your main keyword with the some kind of keywords on SEO.

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